Glycol Chillers New IoT Solution

There is over 645,000 restaurants in the United States. Many utilize glycol chillers to control the temperature of their refrigerated storage systems. The chillers are often used to cool liquids quickly over a short period to help maintain the taste and quality of beverages and food. If these chilling systems malfunction or have a complete failure, it has a big impact on operations. That is why larger venues, such as sport stadiums, spend as much as $500,000 on these systems. As a result, they know when a problem occurs. However, most small to medium sized businesses cannot afford this large of an investment. Luckily, with advances in IoT technology, solutions are becoming readily available at a reasonable cost. 

For craft brewers, glycol chillers control the temperature during brewing, storage and draft systems. When the draft taps are removed from the storage tanks, it is especially important to manage the temperature for product quality. However, what happens when the equipment malfunctions? How can an establishment ensure that their products stay within optimal temperatures without having to make a large investment?

The overall installation is rather quick and consists of a plug and play solution that takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Chris Bursey

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