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All-In-One Fleet Management Platform

MiFleet removes all the contracts, complexities and costs from fleet management strategies, providing you with an iconic, intuitive and interactive cloud-based platform that is highly customizable for your business needs. The MiFleet platform is a highly customizable, cloud-based GPS fleet tracking and management software designed to enable fleets with the latest technology at an affordable price.


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Hardwire Tracker - MFW2-12B

The MFW2-12B hardwired tracker contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery with BLE 5.0, it provides real-time monitoring capabilities for your assets anytime, anywhere. Whether your asset is stationary or mobile, easily manage your deployments reliably with this low cost and low maintenance solution.

Solar Powered GPS Tracker - MFP1-SF

The MFP1-SF-4G is a solar powered gps tracking device that is designed to track the location of assets/trailers/turcks with big intenal battery and solar powered.Its battery can obtain power from solar panel to avoid maintenance cost.

Solar Powered Asset Tracker - MFP2-SFB

The MFP2-SFB is a solar powered GPS tracking device designed for tracking and monitoring assets such as containers, trailers, trucks, etc. It reports alarm to server for events of start moving, stop moving, device removal, etc. It works with BLE temperature sensor, door sensors etc.

OBDII Tracker with BLE - MFD2-L

The MFD2-L is a basic Plug & Play OBDII tracker for simply tracking vehicles, with no complex and unneeded features. When working with BLE sensors it can monitor the temperature, humidity, door status, etc. It’s an easy to use vehicle tracker that requires no installation and maintenance.

Solar Powered Cargo GPS E-Lock - SolarGuardX 100

This GPS electronic lock (E-lock) is designed and developed for outdoor asset tracking telematic structures. It has a long-life battery, solar-powered with high charging efficiency, and is suitable for tracking and safeguarding assets such as containers, trailers, trucks, etc. The solar-powered E-lock for cargo reports alarms to the server for events of rope cutting, locking, and unlocking. Furthermore, our E-lock can be opened both remotely and in the near field by either RFID and BLE or with commands via network and SMS.

BLE 5.0 Temperature & Humidity Sensor - MFTH1-B

It collects the temperature and humidity of the environment and transmits the data via BLE to trackers or BLE hub, then transmitted to server finally. It is designed for the demands of the environmental monitoring industry to resolve losses caused by unexpected and unfriendly temperature and humidity changes.

BLE 5.0 Door & Temperature Sensor - MFDT1-B

It monitors the door status and temperature of the environment. It broadcasts the data via BLE to be picked up by trackers or BLE hub and transmitted to server eventually. It is designed in response to industry demands for environment monitoring to resolve losses caused by unexpected changes of temperature and truck door status.

Surfsight AI-12 Dash Camera

Equip your fleet with the Surfsight AI-12, it is the future of video telematics and enhanced road safety. The Surfsight AI-12 is designed with you and your fleet in mind, it uses cutting edge technology like HD video, a user friendly cloud connected platform and powerful machine vision + AI technology. Snapshot videos of captured events are automatically uploaded into the cloud ready to be accessed anytime, anywhere.




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Founded in 2006 in California, DCS is growing from distribution of mobile broadband hardware for Mobile Internet, M2M and vertical markets, into a leading provider of End-To-End solutions.

Today we are applying our next-gen LTE Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our fully managed solutions combine a confluence of the future’s most relevant technologies – IoT, 4G, Cloud Based Platform, SaaS, Data Analytics, AI & Sensor Based Monitoring as a Service.

DCS develops network ready, IoT solutions that will make a difference in business efficiencies, productivity, reliability and profitability. As we move forward, we will provide solutions based on our IoT architecture, innovation and work with our clients to deliver real, marketable high value IoT solutions at competitive price points.